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I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with the recent dental treatment I received from you, and the complete friendliness of all your staff who made me feel very relaxed and comfortable at such a distressing time for me.

I am over the moon with the results and I know this is normal for many people, but I have not bit into a banana for nearly 2 years now as I always had to break it off with my fingers. well I had my first banana this week and bit straight into it with no problems at all, it was amazing! So bring on the baguettes.

I thank you and your staff so very much for literally putting a huge smile back on my face. i have not been this happy for a long time.

Trudy McGroarty

I have attended other Dental Practices and have never received such a great service as I have received at Lozells Dental Practice

Mr R Ali

They always go that extra mile to maintain patient satisfaction

Ms S Winit

A HTM01-05 Testimonial
For The Dentistry Awards 2011

We were pleased as a company, to be invited and become involved with the continuous introduction of HTM01-05 with Lozells Road Dental Practice.

Our main point of contact was the Practice Manager, Dawn Cluley a person with a great deal of knowledge and expertise in HTM01-05 and associated Guidelines and Acts (Health and Care Act 2008).

During the first meeting it became apparent Lozells Dental Practice had the right attitude towards infection control and that they viewed HTM 01-05 as a continuous journey.

Dawn had ensured that everybody, including the patients, were responsible in varying degrees for the continuous development of the HTM 01-05 Document, and that everybody had a role to play. Patients were informed of any developments within the practice which also included new equipment. The practice believes by doing so, it shows to the patient excellence is strived for at all levels. A comments book is also available for the patients to put their point of view across.

We shared the same attitude towards equipment in that it had to be fit for purpose, compliant, validatable ,easy to operate, and was based on a Medical Devices platform and be future proofed in terms of independent validation.

This shared attitude permitted us to introduce quality equipment into the Local Decontamination Unit, namely the SERV-ICE Scican M2 washer disinfector ,with glass doors ,independent monitoring to validate the processes independently. We commissioned the washer disinfector validating it using thermocouples and extensive soil tests to check the washing efficacy and temperature requirements, according to manufactures recommendations.

Dr Khoja made the decision to introduce Reverse Osmosis water to “feed” the M2 washer disinfector and the “state of the art autoclaves”. This high quality water that is produced by the world renowned Fileder brand of water devices will serve the whole practice of compliant water, including the dental water unit lines. This system guarantees that the water is managed and that the correct water is being used at all times.

After the choice of equipment was installed and commissioned Dawn arranged for ALL members of staff to attend a HTM 01-05 training session which carried vCPD hours. This thorough training session included the completion of the equipment log books which covered daily and weekly tests which were the responsibility of the operators.

All staff were trained on the use of protein test kits (Medicheck) for the washer disinfectors, helix test kits for the autoclaves. They were shown how to record the results of these tests and what action to take in the event of any failures.

The staff are superb in attitude, asking many questions and appreciative of the investment made within the practice and their future.

Nigel Bannister & Trevor Welch, Dental Decontamination Limited